Long drives have a way of clearing one’s head. Well. For most people that’s the effect. For me it’s one long occasion to think about every single thing I can’t think about when chasing little people or fixing cars. And of course it gives plenty of time to build up anxiety, particularly when whatever is broken on the truck makes it feel like I am driving through butter. After a while I gave up caring about it, after all it wasn’t acting like it was going to stall or anything. Just so. Much. Sluggish.

But now I am trying to unpack a mess of yarn in my head. Given that my brain is a web, everything gets connected, even if no other person on the planet can see it. You might see several very shorts posts from me as I’m sorting out the mess. There should be no shortage of interesting tid bits though with topics ranging from Calvinism to “toxic masculinity” to social justice to sophistry to presuppositionalism. They aren’t all related, but the stream of consciousness containing all of them did seem to flow in one direction.

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