I used to do posts called “Dailyish Thoughts”. Each post was kind of a diary of my day to day happenings and thoughts. Apparently the last one (that I can find anyways) was way back in 2019. I guess my life got too weird to share after that.

After seeing such a gap, I’d like to start up again. Maybe people will read them, maybe they won’t, but for my sanity it might be nice to have a little place to vent. It may be every day, it may not be (hence “Dailyish”). This may mean that you will see two posts some days, but I’m sure you will forgive me for that.

So what’s up today?

Dealing with Taskrabbit and a client who hasn’t paid. I should have known there might be an issue when I helped someone moving out of an obvious eviction. Usually I’m the one delivering the eviction notices. This time I got to see the other side. Five hours of loading and unloading my van into a storage unit. So much stuff I would have left if I were them. So much stuff I would have sold to pay the rent. And now two days later no payment, yet they left a five star review…

Currently working on coasters for a convention this weekend. It’s the last one for a few months, so hopefully sales will be epic. Christmas shopping might help with that…

Fighting with a check engine light…. Scanner says catalytic converter but Google says it could be several things. With a longish trip this weekend and a much much longer drive to Virginia in a week and a half I’m hoping it’s just a case of overly cautious vehicle codes….

Cashed out my first $10 from Atlas Earth. It’s only taken four months, but for free to play that’s not bad. Plus it only compounds from here. I’m already up to $0.04 mere hours after cashing out! Here’s my link if you’re interested: https://r.atlasearth.com/WW3gj1i2Kvb or use OC2UT2

And that’s about it….

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